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    NUX USA makes quality workout clothing for women, running gear and yoga apparel. Most items are made with a standard sizing for a real woman’s natural shapes and curves. NUX USA also makes awesome yoga pants


NUX Women's Nirvana Tank in Cobalt
NUX Women's Nirvana Tank Black
  • Cobalt


NUX Quantum Racer Sports Bra in Scarlet
NUX Quantum Racer Sports Bra in Citrus Green
  • sites/default/files/nux-usa-workout-bra-quantum-racer-bra-black-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-usa-workout-bra-quantum-racer-bra-citrus-green-1_1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-usa-workout-bra-quantum-racer-bra-eggplant-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-usa-workout-bra-quantum-racer-bra-sea-breeze-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-usa-workout-bra-quantum-racer-bra-scarlet-1_0.jpg

Nux Focus T-Back Cami in Metallic Grey
Nux Focus T-Back Cami in Citrus Green
  • sites/default/files/nux-workout-top-focus-back-cami-citrus-green-2.jpg

  • Plumeria

    sites/default/files/nux-focus-t-back-cami-yoga tops-long-tanks-purple-2.jpg

  • Metallic Grey


Nux Workout Top in Sea Breeze
Nux Workout Top in Citrus Green
  • Metallic Grey


  • sites/default/files/nux-infinity-t-back-cami-tie-dye-yoga-tops-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-infinity-adjustable-straps-t-back-cami-workout-top-black-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-infinity-adjustable-straps-t-back-cami-workout-top-citrus-green-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-infinity-adjustable-straps-t-back-cami-workout-top-sea-breeze-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-infinity-adjustable-straps-t-back-cami-workout-top-scarlet-1_0.jpg

NUX Brasilia Tank in Aster
NUX Brasilia Tank in Electric Orange
  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-brasilia-tank-compression-top-orange-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-brasilia-tank-compression-top-sea-breeze-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-brasilia-tank-red-tie-dye-tank-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-brasilia-tank-green-tie-dye-tank-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-bauru-tank-workout-top-black-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-bauru-tank-workout-top-black-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-bauru-tank-workout-top-scarlet-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-bauru-tank-workout-top-sea-breeze-1_0.jpg

NUX USA Cora Jacket in Admiral
NUX USA Cora Jacket in Anchor
  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-cora-jacket-admiral-blue-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-cora-jacket-anchor-grey-2.jpg

Nux Zoe Bra in Ginger
Nux Zoe Bra in Electric Orange
  • sites/default/files/nux-zoe-sports-bra-electri-orange-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-zoe-sports-bra-ginger-1_0.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-zoe-sports-bra-black.jpg

NUX USA Harmony Tank in Electric Orange
NUX USA Harmony Tank in Electric Orange
  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-workout-top-harmony-tank-black-1_0.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-workout-top-harmony-tank-sea-breeze-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-workout-top-harmony-tank-orange-1.jpg



NUX Spark Ankle Pant Yoga Workout Ash
  • sites/default/files/Nux-spark-ankle-pant-ash.jpg

  • sites/default/files/Nux-spark-ankle-pant-black-1.jpg

NNUX Skinny Ribbed Yoga Leggings in Black
  • sites/default/files/Nux-skinny-ribbed-legging-black.jpg

Nux Elevate Skort
  • Black


  • Navy


NUX USA Elevate Ankle Legging in Charcoal
NUX USA Elevate Ankle Legging in Eggplant
  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-ankle-skort-yoga-foldover-leggings-eggplant-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-ankle-skort-yoga-foldover-leggings-grey-3.jpg

NUX Emma Drawstring Hot Short in Black
NUX Emma Drawstring Hot Short in Primrose
  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-emma-drawstring-short-hot-yoga-shorts-primrose-2_0.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-emma-drawstring-short-hot-yoga-shorts-vernoica-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-emma-drawstring-short-hot-yoga-shorts-tulip-1.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-emma-drawstring-short-hot-yoga-shorts-black-3.jpg

NUX Glow Capri Workout Yoga Black Grey
  • Black/Grey


NUX Women's V-Fitness Pants Titanium
NUX Women's V-Fitness Pants in Navy
  • Black


  • Titanium


  • sites/default/files/nux-v-fitness-yoga-pant-compression-workout-pant-navy-1.jpg

NUX Hailey Short in Vivid Pink
NUX Hailey Short in Metallic Grey
  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-hailey-short-exercise-shorts-vivid-pink-1_0.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-hailey-short-exercise-shorts-grey-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-hailey-short-exercise-shorts-grey-2.jpg

  • sites/default/files/nux-clothing-hailey-short-exercise-shorts-grey-2.jpg

NUX Womens V-Fitness Crop Pants TITANIUM
NUX Womens V-Fitness Crop Pants Black
  • Black


  • Titanium


NUX V-Ankle Length Leggings for Yoga
NUX V-Ankle Length Leggings for Yoga
  • sites/default/files/V-AnklePants_Black1_0.jpg

  • sites/default/files/P068_titanium_f_0.jpg














NUX USA is a women’s work out clothing manufacturer that is redefining the workout clothing world. Four words. Body engineering and compression. Body engineering is a type of clothing design that anticipates what you will require in your clothing as you work out. NUX uses computers and knitting machines to produce their unique line of workout wear. Their pieces are seamless, soft and have unparalleled quality. Seamless design means chafe-free clothing that is comfortable to wear for hours on end. Can’t wait to get out of your sports bra and workout pants after class is over? Then try NUX, you can wear it to the gym, out for coffee with friends, then run a few errands before you go home and still keep your NUX pieces on because they are just too comfortable to take off.


NUX designs all of their workout pieces to add compression in differing levels. Do you like a tight, super supportive fit as you work out, or just average? Maybe you like just between those two. NUX is the first brand to offer garments categorized by compression levels. That way you always find the perfect fit. For added comfort and functionality, NUX added several features to many of their pieces. Many NUX tops have built in bras that comfortable, seamless and supportive. NUX also incorporates mesh materials into their clothing that help you stay cool and ventilated as you work out. They builds in moisture absorption capabilities into the clothing as well, to keep you even fresher. The compression ribbing details on their yoga tops and bottoms add amazing support as you move through your yoga poses or pump it up at the gym.


NUX pieces are fashionable and relatable; they transition easily from the gym to the mall and are perfect for a wide range of exercise activities from yoga to jogging to lifting weights. NUX takes great pride in producing all of their clothing here in the USA. They believe it is their responsibility to provide jobs in their community and support the American economy. You can wear your NUX pieces without worrying about fabric quality or purchasing clothing made in sweatshop conditions. Many NUX yoga pants and exercise leggings have built in gussets for freer movement and non-pant hike. NUX pants have thick waistbands and contouring seams, two details that make flatter your figure. Nux uses Micro-fiber Nylon and Spandex in their fabrics, which offer great stretch and mobility. NUX tops range from tight camis, warm jackets, to loose babydoll style tanks. Whatever you are looking for, we are sure you will find your perfect piece in our NUX collection. Happy Shopping!