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    Green Apple produces organic activewear and yoga clothing for running, yoga, Pilates, Zumba or just running errands. They believe in offering the modern woman an alternative to the chemical and toxin-ridden clothing currently available. Specializing in organic fabrics such as sustainable bamboo and organic cotton,



Green Apple A-Line Color Blocked Tank Dazzling Blue
Green Apple A-Line Color Blocked Tank Raspberry Rose
  • Dazzling Blue


  • Raspberry Rose


Green Apple 24" V-Neck Relaxed Fit Tee Vintage Blue Dazzle
Green Apple 24" V-Neck Relaxed Fit Tee Vintage Raspberry Rose
  • Vintage Dazzling Blue

    sites/default/files/Green-Apple-VNeck Relaxed Fit Tee-GJ1100W-BLUE-FRONT_0.jpg

  • White

    sites/default/files/Green-Apple-VNeck Relaxed Fit Tee-GJ1100W-WHITE-FRONT.jpg

  • Sunny Lime

    sites/default/files/Green-Apple-VNeck Relaxed Fit Tee-GJ1100W-green-BACK.jpg

  • Raspberry Rose

    sites/default/files/Green-Apple-VNeck Relaxed Fit Tee-GJ1100W-PINK-BACK.jpg

Green Apple Maximum Support Criss Cross Bra sports bra yoga bra supportive bra
  • Black


Green Apple Unwind Cardigan Vintage Black
  • Vintage Black


  • Vintage Pristine


  • Dazzling Blue


Green Apple 24" V Neck Fitted Cami with Removable Cups Dazzling Blue
Green Apple 24" V Neck Fitted Cami with Removable Cups Dazzling Blue
  • Raspberry Rose


  • Dazzling Blue


  • Sunny Lime




Green Apple 33 Yoga Flare Pants Black
Green Apple 33" Balance Fitted Yoga Flare grey
  • Green Apple Grey Heathered


  • sites/default/files/Green-apple-essential-balance-fitted-yoga-flare-yoga-pants-1.jpg


Green Apple Clothing










Green Apple is an eco lifestyle and yoga clothing brand devoted to making “green” clothing for free souls. Green Apple is the eco-friendly venture of veteran fitness apparel designer Cristofer Smith. After his younger sister died of cancer, from probable exposure to environmental toxins, Cristofer devoted the next 18 months to developing and innovating high performance organic bamboo fabric. In 2008 Green Apple was born; dedicated to manufacturing only non-toxic and eco-friendly activewear. Smith understands that what you put next to your body can be just as important as what you put in your body. Harmful toxins soak inside your skin as you sweat and workout. Many toxins found in clothing can cause health problems, some as serious as cancer. That is why Green Apple is offering an alternative to the chemical ridden active wear clothing on the market. As Green Apple has grown through the years, Smith has continued his commitment to quality, innovation and green, healthy clothing.


Green Apple clothing is amazingly soft, breathable, quick-drying, naturally anti-microbial and moisture wicking as well as green, organic, and eco-friendly of course. Green Apple has also lately been making strides into the bamboo clothing world. Bamboo is fast-growing (especially after it is cut), uses neither pesticides nor fertilizer and requires very little water. Clothing made from bamboo offers great support and is very long lasting. Green Apple clothing is especially very soft. Their yoga tops and lounge pants are comfortable, fashionable, and perfect for a variety of activities. Their tops range from long tanks with great coverage to fun running jackets with colorful prints.


Green Apple pants are slimming, supportive and range from yoga capris and leggings to long comfy pants perfect for yoga or kicking back. The Green Apple fit is exemplified in figure flattering cuts and little things like designs, seams and detailing that accentuate and slim the female figure. Use your Green Apple pieces to practice yoga, run errands or hang out with friends. One of the best features of Green Apple is the affordable pricing. You’ll never find organic, active wear clothing for such a good price. So go ahead, shop through our collection of Green Apple Yoga clothing and find the perfect piece for your practice. Happy Shopping!